Yard Dog Daycare

It’s all about love and care.

We understand that you are busy. School, work and life requires your time away from your loved one. At Yard Dog, we provide a unique experience for your dog. From the moment you register and drop off, your dog will be so excited to play with other dogs, frolic in the splash pads, chew on some toys, and play on our slides while enjoying the company of others. He will be carefully watched by our staff of trained caretakers and you will be able to watch on 4k video streams. A relaxing lunch time, paired with a quick wash and dry and your dog will look forward to the next playdate.

  • Indoor and Outdoor turf play areas

  • Splash Pad and Toys

  • Video Monitoring

  • Behavior Monitoring

  • Personal Accommodations

  • Trained Handlers and Staff

Pack a Lunch

Learn, Play, and Stay Fit.

We encourage you to drop off a bagged lunch for your pup. We will keep it in our kitchen and prepare and serve at lunch time. We understand there are specific requirements for diets and allergies. We will not feed your dog anything without approval.

Indoor and Outdoor turf play areas

Learn, Play, and Stay Fit.

We have both air-conditioned indoor turf play areas as well as outdoor turf play areas. Each area is cleaned thoroughly between play times and is filled with toys, slides, chew toys and splash pads. Both areas include video monitoring. The outdoor area is protected from the sun with an open air roof and large circulation fans.

Indoor turf climate controlled play area

Feel the grass between your paws

Outdoor turf play area with splash pool

Cool off with a quick dip

Dogs kept by temperament and size sections

Plays well with others

Splash Pad and Toys

Cool off and play.

Our outdoor play area includes a splash pad area for dogs to cool off and play in the shallow water. There are multiple toys and activities for dogs of all sizes to play and have fun.

Behavior Monitoring

No tolerance policy

Not all dogs are the same. Safety is our top priority. If any dog is becoming to aggressive with its playmates, they will be removed and placed into a different group. We do not tolerate bullying and strive for happy peaceful playtimes.

Individual rooms

Individual deluxe accommodations.

Dogs will be treated to their own spacious room. We encourage you to bring something from home, (blanket or favorite toy) to keep with your dog during their stay. All rooms will be monitored and checked by our trained staff. We schedule rest time to allow your pet to relax and nap. A long day of running and playing will make anyone exhausted.

Video Monitoring

Safety is our priority

4k High definition video monitoring is positioned throughout the entire Yard Dog facility. Simply log-in to our portal and watch your dog have the time of his life at Yard Dog! All of our suites are equipped with video, voice recognition and night vision for overnight stays.

Your dog will thank you.

Trained Handlers and Staff

We treat them like our own.

Our staff is trained in the proper handling of animals. We love dogs. We will learn your dogs name and look forward to playing with them every day. From food preparation to bathing and drying. Our staff is a reflection of our devotion to dog happiness.

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