Wash and Dry

Complimentary service

All of our classmates receive a complimentary wash and dry before pick up. Your dog played hard all day. Bring them home exhausted and clean each and every day.

  • Shampoo Wash services

  • Professional staff

  • Video Monitoring

  • A Yard Dog is a Clean Dog

Shampoo Wash services

Sensitive Skin

We only use hypo-allergenic shampoo and soaps in our facilities. If your dog is allergic, please notify staff upon check-in. You will love the clean dog scent when your dog hugs you at pick-up.

Professional Staff

Experience matters.

All of our trained staff must go thru an extensive background check and canine test before they are able to interact with the dogs. Safety is our top priority for both the dogs and personnel.

A Yard Dog
is a clean dog.

Clean dogs equal happy dogs. What better way to spend the day. Playing with friends, eating lunch, air-conditioned rest time, quick wash and dry and plenty of head rubs.

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